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Warframe - The Profaned Gallows
Sputter, didst the lamps o'er the mounds, upon the wakening of the moon.
Shudder, didst the flesh of mortal things, 'neath the grasp of the dead were strewn.

Luna writhed among the heavens, 'til her visage didst rot.
Tenebrous was the night: a chasm of shadow 'round a halo was wrought.

Of tears swelled the sky, drownèd were those graves; bearing lost souls freed.
Of gore swelled the earth, spikèd were those slaves; an unending plague never to recede.

                                                                                                       -Myth of the Forsaken

Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf

Time for some spooky shit. I love Nekros, and I love making spooky scenes, so that's how this came into being.
Rather than the traditional route of background story, I decided to word it like an old myth from a storybook.
I took a little bit of inspiration for the idea from how Inaros' storyline was set up, and figured, maybe there could be one like that for Nekros.
Like an old god of death sort of thing. Maybe my obsession with Dark Souls is visible here too, with the impossible lunar eclipse.
Nekros, the unliving Warframe, returns to a home overrun by foes and unleashes the full measure of his power to bring them down.

Original, Un-Edited Image
Warframe - Thunderous Reprisal
With a single calamitous swing, the stone beneath Atlas' feet turned liquid and obsidian lances hurtled across the battlefield.
The earth growled in response to his power and spires of stone rose around the towering warframe to shield him from gunfire.
The mining colony Atlas was consigned to protect burned in the distance as Grineer battleships blasted it apart.
Molten steel and shattering concrete gave testament to the cyborg empire's overpowering aggression.

Yuka Kitamura - Yhorm the Giant

Atlas. Ooooh, Atlas. I really enjoy that Warframe. One-Punch Frame, I like to call him. Now, I know that he doesn't have any abilities like this ingame, but I really don't care.
He has dominion over earth, so why shouldn't he be able to supercharge his Tectonics and Landslide abilities to turn the ground into lava?
I haven't done a burning hellscape in a while, so this was fun. I'm especially proud of how the smoke and window reflections turned out.
The Grineer attack a neutral mining colony under the pretenses that they've been assisting the Tenno... and to take their resources.
Unknown to them until now, there has been a Tenno keeping an eye on everything. And now he's got a mission.

Original, Un-Edited Image
Warframe - The Dark Sectors
"I waited, you know. It's been so long, I'm not sure I even exist anymore. Hayden.
But I still remember you. I'm the one who gave it to you, remember? The Technocyte Virus.
You've changed over the centuries. There are so many like you... like us... now."

"But they'll never be quite right. The old virus brought me back."

"I can't wait to be on my feet again. There are so many like you."

"So many... Tenno... to kill."

                                                -Deranged ranting of the revived Nemesis

Zardonic - The Time is Now

The Technocyte Virus underwent many mutations since its first appearance thousands of years ago.
Originally, it did not create the pustulent, chromatic Infestation we are familiar with today.
The oldest were ravenous monsters formed of living metal, walking blades and untraceable shadows.
Somewhere out there... those Infested are still around, stalking some ancient derelict.
When they make contact with us again, I'm not sure we'll survive it.

                                                                                                        -Cephalon Donnau

Lots of flavor text for this one. It's a sort of prequel to another scene I've had on my mind for ages now, which I'd really like to title "The Second Coming."
I've had this headcanon for years that the current Infestation in Warframe is a weaker, diluted variant of the one we had in darkSector™.
And maybe... one day, the old ones will come back in all their dark, chitinous, terrifying glory.
Something tells me they'd try to wipe out the current Infested, too. Side note, yeah those background Infested are Alex Mercer from Prototype™.
Nemesis has returned, but not quite herself, and not alone. The Ancient Infestation seeks to regain its place and end the Tenno who started it all.

Original, Un-Edited Image
Warframe - Reanimation
The gilded derelict shuddered, its once magnificent hull decrepit and broken from centuries housing the Infestation.
Volt and Trinity stood within the reactor core, embraced by darkness amid icy ankle-deep water.
Betwixt the reactor's massive coils, Volt surged with energy, unbridled electricity pouring from the warframe.
Only Trinity stood vigil against Volt's total destruction as lightning dismantled water, air, and armor.

Paul Dinletir (Audiomachine) - Forgive Us Our Trespasses

I really enjoyed making this one. Something Prime, cold, and gold has been on my mind for a long time now, and I'm overjoyed that I finally got to make it.
Volt Prime and Trinity Prime are two of my favorite designs in all of Warframe, and I thought it would be a nice change of pace to put them in a non-combat scene.
Getting the right balance of contrast from shiny gold and electric blue was fun, especially to take into consideration that this is supposed to be an old, dead ship.
In this scene, Volt and Trinity prepare to bring an old Orokin ship back to life.

Original, Un-Edited Image
Warframe - Echoes From the Void
Daggers trimmed with gold glided through the din of the airlock, imperceptible whistles leading the sharp crunch of a fresh hole in a Corpus helmet.
Bolts of plasma scorched the air, merely passing through the furious shadows left behind by Ash in her hunt.
Bodies fell to the metal flooring, gold glinted from behind pouncing shadows of smoke and knives.
Ash hounded Alad V with a deadly composure, the glare of her single eye sharper even than the kunai she spun in her hand.

ReallySlowMotion - Your God Is Dead

It's been a while since I've thrown any new scenes onto dA, I apologize for that. I've got several new scenes in the pipeline for uploading, ready to go!
Warframe players probably know by now that female Ash never made it into the game... so I modified the model(s) myself!
I wasn't able to get the original ponytail model, though, so I just went and made a new one. I'm pretty happy with how she turned out!
Our intense heroine hunts down the despicable Alad V in this scene, dropping dozens of Corpus along the way.

Original, Un-Edited Image
So I found myself reading through old journal entries, had some funny memories of my old ideas; it hit me that I really loved what I was doing, but allotted so little time to actually seeing those ideas progress into something great... I'm glad I don't do that nearly as often anymore.
I mean, I still do it... tons of potential projects and ideas that were simply never made flesh, due to another more interesting or fun project popping up, or forgetting about it altogether. Like those dragons... and the female turians... and so on.
But it's always nice to look back and see how you've grown; it puts into perspective that which you've learned and that which you've... well, failed to learn, and in which directions life's currents have guided you. Pretty cool.

On a more current note, my watchers (if any of you even read journals... I know I usually don't!) will probably have noticed that the Section 8 series grows ever more slowly; I still have a great many ideas for it, but there are other projects that I'm giving priority. Like playing Skyrim. So... if you're actually looking forward to seeing how the implied\minimal\visual story grows, you've probably got quite a wait ahead of you.
In terms of other projects, I've recently revamped my male synthetic personal skin, as you can see in Disciple of Alchemy, Shadows of Fate, and Baneful Whispers. I'm quite proud of the alterations and updates I've made, as well as of each image.

If you're interested in having these skins, I'm sorry but I'm not big on sharing these things across the deviantArt Garry's Mod personal skinners. I really only use this account as a living visual portfolio to show off what I'm doing: no direct downloads for releases, but if you express interest in something I'm showing off (and it's not a personal skin), I'll most likely drop a link to where you can find it.

After editing A Glimpse of the Terminus, I've found myself once again interested in making more space art, so that might happen too. Hope it goes well! I will still continue to upload more of my Garry's Mod works as I churn them out, each with a little story and a description as usual. Glad to see people enjoying them!

Also, over the last few months I've picked up several new games, most of which I've very much enjoyed -- Bioshock Infinite, Metro: Last Light, Mark of the Ninja, Mortal Kombat 2011, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and Sleeping Dogs chief among them. They all come highly recommended by me, if that's got any weight for you.


Squiddly Treats
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The soul endures if the vessel does not.
See more than just the world around you, see the world as it is.



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